KMS Summer Camps Cancelled for 2020
June 17, 2020

Dear Parents,

KMS was looking forward to operating our summer camp this summer.  After further review of the new guidelines for operating camps we realize it has driven up the costs of the program to the point where we can no longer operate without further losses.

As an independent non profit school KMS must ensure that all our programs are viable in order to operate. The new guidelines meant we were looking at staff ratios of virtually 3:1 which is simply not sustainable.  KMS has incurred substantial financial losses during the pandemic and while we were excited to consider reopening, we cannot incur further losses and the Board of Directors has decided to cease all operations until September.

We appreciate everyone’s interest in the camp and we are sorry we are not able to move ahead as planned.  We wish all our clients a safe and restful summer.


Carlie Forth
KMS Resource Coordinator

Jonathan Robinson

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